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News: Rev Dr Anthony R. Cross

Posted on Saturday, July 24, 2021

It with sadness that we announce the death of Rev Dr Anthony R. Cross. Anthony was one of the most active Baptist historians and theologians of recent decades. In 2016 the Society published his comprehensive history of ministerial preparation among British Baptists: ‘To communicate simply you must understand profoundly‘. Anthony was also a helpful editor, co-editing Baptists and the World (2011), Grounded in Grace (2013) and Freedom and the Powers (2014), on behalf of the Society. His long-lasting legacy will be editing of the Studies in Baptist History and Thought for Paternoster Press between 2001-2009 and his own work on baptism, most notably his PhD published as Baptism and the Baptists (2000).

Baptist Historical Society Committee Member, Andy Goodliff, has written a tribute here.