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Oral History and Reminiscences

The Baptist Historical Society has a collection of tapes as part its Oral History Project. Some of these will be transcribed and made available through this site.

Please note that the files are in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf). A reader for this available free of charge from Adobe.

We are also looking to develop this page, including a section we are calling “Reminiscences”. To submit your story, please email


We start with a short memory of being baptised; Edwin Self tells of it this way;

Baptised at Battle Baptist Church

I was brought up to go to church, Church of England, by my parents, so was baptised as a baby in 1943…later, while at Tonbridge Parish Church I was born again and committed my life to Jesus Christ,  in 1963, but then, in 1966/1967, while living with my parents near Battle, East Sussex, I became a member of Battle Baptist Church, where I attended every Sunday for about 15 months, teaching in the Sunday School…during this time, I longed to be baptised again, after my conversion a few years before.
Rev.Stephen Cowley, father of Roger Cowley, Anglican missionary to East Africa at the time, who was a staunch believer in Believers’Baptism, or the need and desirability of believers to be baptised AFTER their being converted/born again, talked to me after one service and I also felt I wanted to be baptised,as a sign of my recent conversion…
I wore just a shirt and a pair of trousers, as, I think, Stephen did.
Not sure of the hymn or reading, but Stephen read out my testimony.
Apparently, I was the first person to be baptised at Battle for 12 years and in the ensuing 12 months a further 12 people were baptised at Battle.
I am now a member of a church in Sheffield, where I have lived since 1970.
 Michael Ball writes about Sunday School here

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