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Family History

If you are just starting researching your family history, there are some helpful websites to get you going. Try The National Archives or the BBC Family History Unity or British Genealogy or Family History. You should do this before going to any specifically Baptist sources of information mentioned below.

Records of local Baptist churches reflect their independent nature. They usually do not contain the same biographical details as records of other denominations and information is often fragmentary. Here are some can’ts and cans.

You cannot

You can

The most comprehensive library and archive of information relating to Baptist churches and their history is held at the Angus Library, Regent’s Park College, Oxford, OX1 2LB. This does not include registers of births, deaths or marriages. Short searches may be undertaken by the Librarian for an agreed fee (minimum £5). There is a charge for private genealogical research into any records. Details are available from the Angus Library. Photocopies of obituaries can be provided at a minimum cost of £5, to include search, photocopying, postage (UK) & packing – sterling cheques made payable to Regents Park College.


Baptist records can be found in a variety of repositories. Other sources include:

There is more than one Baptist organisation in the United Kingdom. Churches may affiliate geographically, as in Scotland, Wales or Ireland, or theologically as with Strict Baptists. It may be that the person you are seeking belonged to a church related to one of these. Some other contacts include:

STRICT BAPTIST HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Mr. David Woodruff, 10 Priory Road, DUNSTABLE, Beds., LU5 4HR or email. A searchable database of Strict Baptist ministers and churches is available by following this link.

WALES: The Baptist Union of Wales, Y Llwfan, Trinity College, College Road, Carmarthen. SA31 3EQ.

SCOTLAND: The Revd. Brian Talbot, 168 Cedar Road, Abronhill, CUMBERNAULD, G67 3BJ or email.

IRELAND: Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland
The Baptist Centre, 19 Hillsborough Road, Moira, County Down, Northern Ireland BT67 0HG

We hope that this information is clear and helpful. We wish you success in your research into your family history.

Prepared by the Baptist Historical Society February 2007