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News: Conference report

Posted on Monday, September 12, 2016

About 20 of us gathered at Luther King House in July to discuss themes around History and Tradition; we heard about Baptist biblical scholars, about issues of violence and peace in 17th c Baptist writings, the communion of saints, about early church theology explored in poetry, about Slavic Baptists, about 20th c thinking about how to function as a community of Baptists in the UK, being single in the church and scriptural ways this has been approached…. and more. Much conversation, making of friendship, renewing of friendships, developing of friendships.

LKH is a wonderful venue for a conference, even in the intense heat, and the variety of people who attended, who contributed, and who joined in the conversations made it a rich and nourishing experience.

From the papers, we discovered ourselves discussing the nature of Christological exegesis, the nature of history, the encounter with the Kingdom in the world and the breadth of Baptist identity through time and space.

As well as thinking about what (and whose!) papers might be appropriate for the Angus Library – and how to get them, and how to file them, we told each other stories of ourselves, and how our personal histories interacted, shaped and were shaped by our lives within the Baptist community.

To all who were there, many thanks. To all who missed it – come next time!