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Baptist Quarterly

The Baptist Quarterly is the journal of the Baptist Historical Society.

All but the two most recent volumes of the Baptist Quarterly and the Transactions of the BHS are now available online. The society is deeply indebted to Rob Bradshaw for making Baptist historical scholarship so much more available in this way. The editors are Rev Dr Karen Smith and Rev Dr Simon Woodman. If you would like to submit an article for consideration for publication, please email

Go to the Baptist Quarterly online where the Baptist Quarterly and the Transactions of the Baptist Historical Society are listed alphabetically among the journals.

The Table of Contents of recent volumes are available for viewing or downloading as pdf files.

Unfortunately the notes in Paul Weller’s article, The Revd. Nathaniel Paul (1793-1839): Another African American Baptist Minister in Britain (1832-35), Vol 43 number 2, are incorrectly numbered. A corrected version can be read or downloaded from this link.

Cumulative indices, as text files on a CD, are available from the Publications page.

The Society plans to produce a database to allow users of this web site to search for articles. At the present time a start has been made on Volume 41.

Please use the form below to search the database. Searches can be made on Author (surname, or surname, initial), on a keyword from the title or a keyword from the abstract. If you wish to browse the content of a particular volume please enter the volume number in the search field. At present only Volume 41 is available. Please enter the numerals only.